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Join us and let’s thal it!!

Come and sail with us. Individually, we are a drop, together we are an ocean

  • Thalassaemia is the commonest single gene disorder found in a broad belt extending from the Mediterranean to the Far East. Carrier screening has played a pivotal role in the reduction of new births of children with thalassaemia major. The success stories of thalassaemia prevention mostly emanate from the developed countries. Unfortunately, most of the developing countries are still struggling to succeed with thalassaemia prevention. The main concerns include high cost of testing and the lack of service delivery in the less well developed areas.

  • The name “Thal-IT” is derived from tackling “Thalassaemia through Information Technology”. We have developed a complete solution for cost effective screening of thalassaemia. Our products are user friendly and with minimal training these can be used at very small setups. We primarily focus at the developing countries where thalassaemia is still a major cause of concern.

  • Thal-IT also provides a platform for creating awareness about thalassaemia screening and training of manpower through information brochures, videos and live demonstrations.

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We offer a range of equipment and diagnostic kits for carrier screening and diagnosis of thalassaemia and abnormal haemoglobins.



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